(vun anno zellemohls.)
(des années d’autrefois)

Extrait de Tribune Juive Paris-Strasbourg N°49 - 4 décembre 1936
a poem from Paul GERSCHEL, Translated & transliterated by Pascal CURIN

Im monat kislev ale yor
Erklingt di herlikh melodi
Zo vunderbar an unzer or
Maoz Tzour Yeshouhati.
Every year in Kislev
A superb melody rings out
So wonderful to our ears
Maoz Tzour Yeshouhati.
Di Makabeer gilt's tsü ere,
fur iri courage un tapferkayt
Zi han fershtande zikh tsü vere
Geye has und geye nayd.
Truly we can honour the Maccabees
For their bravery and their courage
They learned to defend themselves
Against hatred and against jealousy.
Zi han fur's gantse folk erfokhte
Frayhayt un gerekhtishkayt
Dr tsvayte tempel ish gevorde
Ufgeböyt uf frömishkayt.
For the whole people they obtained
Liberty and justice,
The second Temple has been
Reconstructed thanks to piety.
Drum vurd yetst k'halte vi bekant
Khanuka in shtat un land
Tsüm tantse kume d'yunge un d'made
Tsüm klopfes spile vord ayngelade.
That's why nowadays Hanukka is used
To be observed in town and countryside
Young men and young girls come to dance,
We are asked to play Klopfes.
D'ersht invitation fon dr Braendel
Zi invitirt di Jetti un di Genendel
Un zunsh nokh a par bekovedi balbatim
Naturellement on parle aussi "Schiduchim".
The first invitation is coming from Braendel;
She's inviting Jetti and Genendel
And some honourable heads of family as well
Of course we are talking about Shidoukim too.
Dr Jonas in dr Braendel ir man
Resevirt di visit zo gut as er kan
Alehop ferzükhe yetst unzer neyer
Aver mit zäkhel, den er ish dayer.
Jonas receives his guests as well as he can
Braendel's husband is paying him a visit
Come on, taste our new wine now
Act with discretion because it is expensive.
Jonas dü vash dokh ikh trink ka vayn
Shenk mr a glesle zises ayn
Vitt nusliqueur oder anisette
S'nemlikh vi di Babette.
Jonas, you actually know, I don't drink any wine
Serve me a small glass of liqueur
Do you want walnut liqueur or anisette ?
The same drink as Babette.
Di Jetti est nokh a stikle dart
Un mishayt yetst bemuene di kart.
Schüpe ish trumpf un mistekri gilt
Leyb hep di kart tsü zunsht makhsh mikh nokh vild.
Jetti is still eating a part of tart
And now shuffle the cards conscentiously
Club is trump and "mistigri" does count
Leyb hold your cards firmly, else you make me crazy.
Sapristi vas ish dao dermer
Mit dr trumpfas bin ikh bet un vas ni vüher
Form yor ish dir shun 's nemlikh pasirt
Brilt yetst der Fouhle mit ere shtim vi a shtir
Heavens! What's the matter here!
With the ace of clubs I'm none the wiser and I don't know how it's going on
Last year the same thing happend to you
Now yell Fool with an ox voice.
Nume ka kseres blayve shtile
Zunsht gibts a geroudels in dr gantse kile
Lon 's Khnayketrenderle nokh emol shnere
Le vin chaud est servi, mayni dame un here.
Absolutely no arguments, remain quiet
Else there will be ructions in the whole community
Spin the Hanukkah top once again
The mulled wine is served ladies and gentlemen.

With that, we leave this great party
To get back to our Maccabees
Let us proclaim their glory once again
They go down in history for ever.

Let us think during these days of celebration
Of poor persons and other unfortunates
Let us be a great help
To these numerous miserables.

And don't forget Palestina
Land of divine promises
Land of hope for persecuted people
May they regain their freedom.


© A. S .I . J . A .